Financial Services.

Concept Financial Services provides complete financial planning services to individuals, families, professionals and businesses. We assist our Clients achieve their lifetime personal and business financial goals and objectives.

Investment Banking.

Investment banking is the process where an institution or organisation, known as the investment bank, which helps a person or organisation to raise capital. The procedure may involve the institution to underwrite or act as the client’s agent for the purpose.


Insurance is a social device for spreading the chance of financial loss among a large number of people. By purchasing insurance, a “person” shares risk with a group of others, thereby reducing the individual potential.

Mutual Fund.

Mutual Fund is essentially a mechanism of pooling together the savings of a large number of small investors for collective investment, with an avowed objective of attractive yields and capital appreciation, holding the safety and liquidity as prime parameters.

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Supplies a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure.

Provides lower cost of living, great quality of life, short commutes and excellent schools.

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Trading and promoting securities: the cash or other securities are traded in transactions. This is commonly known as facilitating transactions or market making.

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Life insurance provides an infusion of cash for dealing with the adverse financial consequences of the insured's death.

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One of the biggest advantage is that in very low cost the investor gets his investment managed by experts.